The Man Who Finally Died

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

British cinema legend Stanley Baker’s intense persona and rugged personal charm are brought to the fore in this gripping tale of Cold War espionage.

The Man Who Finally Died is based on a 1959 ITV TV serial, written by Lewis Greifer—who wrote the screenplay here with Louis Marks. In London, jazz musician Joe Newman receives a startling telephone call from his German father—a man he believed had died during World War II. At the same time, a funeral is taking place in a quiet Bavarian town–and the coffin bears the name of his father. Joe’s search for the truth about his father ultimately proves to be far more disturbing than he could ever have imagined in this classy and classic period piece where nothing–and no-one–is ever as it seems.

Co-starring Peter Cushing, Mai Zetterlin, and Eric Portman, The Man Who Finally Died is as twisty and turny as a roller-coaster—although, at times, not quite as thrilling. The action is a little slow by modern standards, occasionally verging on the plodding. However, the script is consistently top-notch, with enough secrets, revelations, and surprises, to keep even the most conscientious viewer guessing right up to the end. 

With a top-notch cast and a crisp High Definition remaster, The Man Who Finally Died is another welcome release of a forgotten gem from Network.