The Millionaires’ Express

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

What do you get if you add Sammo Hung; bandits; bordellos and martial arts hi-jinks? The answer is The Millionaires’ Express—a riotous, rollocking action move from the man who almost single-handedly kick-started the Hong Kong New Wave in the 1980s.

In The Millionaires’ Express, far East meets the old West in an iconic action-packed adventure. Showcasing the skills of the inimitable Sammo, Hung plays a loveable rogue who teams up with an incorruptible Sheriff (Yuen BiaoProject A) to save their home town from certain destruction.

With non-stop action, laughs, and a story with a big, big heart, The Millionaires’ Express (also known as The Shanghai Express) is one of Sammo’s finest pieces of action cinema. An electrifying fast-paced fusion of dynamic martial artistry, death-defying stunts, and physical comedy. Also starring Rosamund Kwan, Richard Ng, and Cynthia Rothrock (plus an abundance of cameos from other Hong Kong cinema legends), The Millionaires’ Express is a loving tribute to classic Western tropes.

Making its UK debut on Blu-ray, The Millionaires’ Express is another top title from the superlative Eureka Classics collection.

This two-disc release will be limited to 3,000 copies only, and includes not one but four versions of the film, all as brand new 2K restorations:

The Original Hong Kong Theatrical Cut.

The Extended Version (sometimes erroneously labelled the International Cut).

The English Language Version.

The Hybrid Cut, newly created exclusively for this release, using original theatrical footage and extended cuts, to make a hypothetical ‘complete’ cut

Collectors will also be able to choose from the original Cantonese mono soundtrack; the English dub or English Subtitles; an alternate English dub; and a rare alternate Cantonese soundtrack. In fact, while Hong Kong slapstick may not be to everyone’s taste, the attention to detail in this release is guaranteed to please.