In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

Adapted from the investigative book of the same name by Gomorrah author Roberto Saviano, the epic and sprawling ZeroZeroZero is the sort of story that the miniseries format was made for. Providing a complex and layered look at the cocaine business from multiple perspectives over several timelines, continents and characters, the compelling thriller is essential watching for anyone looking for their next binge.

Over eight intense episodes, this addictive series covers three core groups in the cocaine trade – the buyers, the distributors, and the brokers. With an all-star cast including Gabriel Byrne, Dane DeHaan and the always remarkable Andrea Riseborough who just last year blew our minds in the unforgettable Possessor, this Sky/StudioCanal co-production is a staggering production that oozes cinematic quality thanks to gorgeous visuals and a terrific score from Mogwai.

With some very dark imagery that will be hard to shake, ZeroZeroZero is certainly a bleak affair filled with all of the volatile nastiness you can safely expect from a series about the illegal drugs trade – and the fact it comes from the investigative reporting of Saviano’s source book makes it all the more frightening. This is a scary and ruthless world, brought to life with a terrifying authenticity never before seen on screen.

While the subgenre is certainly crowded – with now-iconic television staples like The Wire and Breaking Bad certainly the kings – ZeroZeroZero is a series strong enough to go toe-to-toe with those giants. This is a truly special and gripping piece of television that reminds viewers the true power of the format, and one that will almost certainly find itself on countless lists of the best shows ever to grace our TVs. Move over Walter White and Omar Little, there’s a new gang in town.

Epic in every sense of the word, ZeroZeroZero is bravura television packed with stunning action, terrific performances, stellar direction, and flawless writing. A masterpiece.