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Chris Patmore

Good Vibrations DVD Review

Just the title, Good Vibrations, conjures up images of 1960s’  Beach Boys’ California sun and surf, or post-Woodstock hippy love and peace, but it is a much bleaker setting of 1970s’ Belfast
August 4, 2013

Director Kenji Kamiya on 009 Re: Cyborg

Shotaro Ishinomori’s iconic manga, Cyborg 009, gets its latest big screen outing this week. Chris Patmore spoke to the anime’s director and writer Kenji Kamiya (Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
June 5, 2013

5 Broken Cameras

One of the most emotionally charged issues that continuously dominates the news is that of Palestine and the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by Israel.
January 25, 2013

Actor Karl Urban

The man with the granite chin – Judge Dredd – comes roaring into the 21st Century and onto a cinema screen near you, this month. Chris Patmore caught up Karl Urban, and
August 28, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Ever since Disney brought Snow White to life in his first animated feature back in 1934, the film industry has been tinkering with – and in Disney’s case, sanitising – the classic
July 27, 2012

Revenge Of The Electric Car

Who’d have ever thought the day would come when we would see documentaries getting sequels, but that is essentially what Revenge of the Electric Car is (and not a green sequel to
July 25, 2012

Storage 24 Noel Clarke

As Noel Clarke’s newest film hits the big screen, Chris Patmore caught up with its writer and star, to discover just what horrors are lurking inside Storage 24.
June 28, 2012

Snow White & The Huntsman

As yet another adaptation of the fairy tale classic, Snow White, hits our cinemas, FilmJuice caught up with the stars and director of the film at the palatial Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair
May 23, 2012
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