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Romantics Anonymous

The French have a reputation for being great romantics, not to mention arrogant, in their list of national stereotypes.


Hunky Dory

When it comes to fictional portrayals of school life, the US and UK could not be more different.

The Woman in the Fifth

Anglo-Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski’s latest work can best be described as pan-European.


Wrath Of The Titans

After the 3Debacle of the

An African Election

Politics is all about lying and deceit or, more specifically, getting into power and staying there.


Silent Running

Forty years ago, hot on the heels of 2001: A Space Odyssey, intelligent sci-fi was worth investing time and money in by producers. George Lucas made his enigmatic dystopian feature debut THX 1138, pathing the way for his massiv...

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Anyone who travels on London public transport would find it hard to believe that newspapers are a dying breed as copies of The Metro and The Evening Standard are abandoned/shared on bus, train and tube seats morning and evening...



It’s no big revelation to say that comics are the modern mythology, particularly the superhero ones the Americans are enamoured with. Most of the archetypes of the hero’s journey, as described by Joseph Campbell in ...


It seems that epidemics are the flavour of the month at the cinemas, just as the winter flu season arrives and governments start issuing a rash of new scaremongering warnings of pandemics, sponsored by Big Pharma (viral marketi...