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When we talk about visionary filmmakers, names such as Terry Gilliam, Guillermo del Toro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro are always bound to appear because of the originality of their visual style. Indian filmmaker Tarsem Sin...


The cancer charity campaigns tell you “cancer is a word not a sentence.” And they probably would add that it is no joking matter but if the film 50/50 is anything to go by, a sense of humour is definitely an asset.


Devil's Double, The

They say that you should never believe everything you read in the papers, and with the current state of the tabloid press in the UK it has never been more salient advice. Like their political allies, the press have their agenda...

Metropolis DVD

It’s incredible how science fiction is generally reviled as a genre by film critics and yet sci-fi movies will often appear at the top of lists of the greatest, and most popular, films. Of course, there are plenty of badl...


Animal Kingdom

Every now and then a director comes along with a debut feature film that captures a character’s world, a notable period in time

Interrupters, The

Cinema is very good at supplying us with a distraction from our daily lives, as is witnessed by


Repo Men Cinema

Thanks to Barack Obama’s recent introduction of universal health care in the US, the scenarios in this film are less of a possibility than they were a year ago, although the repo men have certainly been busy anyway, takin...

Rio Breaks

Brazil, like many of its Latin American neighbours, is one of the richest countries in the world today and has paid off their debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (much to the IMF’s disappointment). Despite this ...


Flaw, The

The flaw was there was no ceiling Last year we had three major cinema-released documentaries on the economic crisis. Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story, the Oscar-winning Inside Job, and Alex Gibney’s Client 9.

Light Thief, The

One of the great things about world cinema is you get insights into different cultures that you don’t always get from documentaries, which are usually an outside-looking-in view.