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Predators Cinema

When Predator came out in 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger was already a huge action star following Conan, Terminator and Commando, but the movie introduced an equally enduring character in the form of the ruthless, dreadlocked, ali...

Little White Lies Cinema

Imagine a French version of Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill, with sunny weather, beaches, and fine food and wine, and this will give you a flavour of what Little White Lies is all about.


The Taqwacores

Slackistan, Microphone and Taqwacores are three movies

Great Directors

Anyone who wants to make to make films but can’t afford the massive expense of going to film school, for years there have been DVDs filled with informative extras on the filmmaking process. Not all DVDs, of course, are fi...


Captain America Cinema

In the run up to The Avengers, which could prove to be the biggest and best (Marvel) superhero movie yet – after all it is written and directed by Joss Whedon of Buffy and Firefly/Serenity fame, who has also been a regular scri...

Son Of Babylon

Most people agree that Bush and Blair’s invasion of Iraq was bang out of order. In fact there was a mass agreement on that before the troops went ahead and put their first boots on Iraqi soil. For whatever reason it happe...


Never Let Me Go

Why are writers and filmmakers so afraid of calling their work science fiction? Or is it the marketing companies and not the creators? Either way, there is a perception that science fiction has to fit into a certain format, usu...

Client 9

The recent Oscar-winning doc Inside Job gave a very clear picture of Wall Street’s complicity in the massive economic downturn (or depression as they used to be known), which affected millions of people with almost no per...


Animal Kingdom

One of the UK film industry’s biggest exports has been the mockney gangster movie, but there was a time when criminals were Britain’s biggest export to Australia, so it’s hardly surprising that criminal elemen...

I Am Number Four

After the success of Twilight, there was clearly a market for brooding teenage sci-fi/fantasy films. For a start, the audiences for these films aren’t that concerned about plot or big ideas, they are all about how good lo...