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The Liability Interview – Director Craig Viveiros

With The Liability, a hard-hitting assassin thriller starring Tim Roth, Jack O’Connell and Talulah Riley hitting cinemas on Friday 17th May, Filmjuice’s Shelley Marsden caught up with director Craig Viveiros to discuss Quirky E...

Director Dror Moreh

When Dror Moreh revealed that he wanted to do a movie that involved talking to the Shin Bet – Israel’s Secret Service – the reaction was pure disbelief. These men work behind the scenes and never reveal their inner ...


I, Anna DVD

If a film’s merit were based on how atmospherically it was shot I, Anna, with its grimy Barbican tower blocks, would be an instant classic

Director Dylan Mohan Gray

Mumbai-based director Dylan Mohan Gray tells Shelley Marsden about his documentary Fire In The Blood, the first film to tell the full story of AIDS drugs and how poor countries were stopped from using them.


Director Alex Gibney

Shelley Marsden meets Oscar-winning documentary-maker Alex Gibney to talk about his shocking new film Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House of God and the somewhat timely resignation of Pope Benedict …

Shadow Dancer DVD

The current rioting in Belfast is an unwelcome reminder, be it from the other side of the barricades, that the violent undercurrents of IRA thriller Shadow Dancer still hum malevolently under the city’s surface.

2013 Film Reviews


When it came out, Roman Polanski’s Chinatown (1974) wowed critics and audiences alike.

Christmas Crackers

Nothing quite says Christmas (besides over-indulgence, dodgy jumpers and crap TV repeats) like a feel-good film full of goodwill to all men.


Don’t Let Him In

Don’t Let Him In should really be called Carry On Up The Woods.


Selected at random, 6-year-old Martin (Chase Pechacek) is kidnapped from his backyard by sadistic, deranged, serial killer Graham Sutter (Brett Rickaby)