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Anton Corbijn – Inside Out

More than a rudderless fly-on-the-wall piece, Inside Out is a piercing look at Dutch visual auteur Anton Corbijn’s work and life, and how the two have influenced each other.

Sex Symbols – The Men

In need of some fun distraction from the ominous clouds gathering outside your office window? Cheesed off that summer has been a total washout so far? Don’t worry, Shelley Marsden has some seriously hot and steamy screen stars ...



Period drama Shanghai, starring John Cusack and directed by Mikael Hafstrom, has all the visual ingredients to make it a gripping, sexy as hell thriller.

Il Boom

This 1963 Italian film starring Alberto Sordi, a hugely popular Roman actor at the time at his comedic best, is a bittersweet look at the 1950s economic boom in Italy, a time which transformed the country and saw everyone try t...


Wuthering Heights DVD

Based on Emily Bronte’s 1847 novel of the same name, Brit director Andrea Arnold (Red Road, Fish Tank) has breathed new life into a well-worn classic, giving it such a dramatic facelift that it’s almost unrecognisable from the ...

Friends With Kids

What do you do if time is ticking, you know you want kids but, looking at the evidence offered up by friends, would rather do it without the love of your life (who you haven’t met yet) as it seems to spell disaster for any iota...



Each year the fickle and fast-evolving world of cinema welcomes swathes of exciting new acting, directing and film industry talent into its fold. But sadly, each year we must also salute a number of cinematic talents who have l...

Faces In The Crowd

By Shelley Marsden – Never before has a film so eloquently displayed all the ingredients necessary for the “straight to DVD” category.


Heavenly Creatures

Shelley Marsden – Hard to imagine that Peter ‘Lord of the Box Office’ Jackson was the man behind 1994’s Heavenly Creatures (or splatstick horror Braindead, for that matter).