La Brea: the Complete Season Two

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

It’s finally here: Season Two of the show that’s as hypnotic as a slow-motion car crash.

La Brea Season Two arrives on blu-ray and DVD this month, continuing the epic time-travelling adventures that began when a massive sinkhole opened in Los Angeles, plunging the survivors into a primeval land where they must unite for survival. 

This season, the long suffering Harris family  — Gavin (Eoin Macken) Eve (Natalie Zea) and their kids Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) and Josh (Jack Martin) — are still scattered across the time-stream. In 10,000 B.C, Eve is determined to find a way to reunite with Josh, who was accidentally swept into a portal, that dumped him in 1988. Unknown to Eve, Gavin and Izzy have travelled from the modern world, back to prehistoric Seattle, and are now embarking on a dangerous cross-country journey to L.A, so they can get their family back together. 

While many characters have undergone a fair bit of growth over the last two seasons — becoming a little less off-the-peg — their dialogue and motivations are still mostly unbelievable. Even George Lucas wouldn’t write some of this stuff. The science, too, makes zero sense … but — and this is a good but — there’s actually an interesting plot starting to develop, involving secret societies, and lots of timey-wimey shenanigans. Sadly, due to the writers’ strike, these storylines may or may not get to play out. Season Three, has apparently already been commissioned, and is due for release next year, but runs to just six episodes. 

However, whatever happens, La Brea is still absolutely top-notch cheese. So, settle down for a 14 episode binge-athon of some gloriously nonsensical sci-fi.