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Everybody Wants Some

EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FROM 5th SEPTEMBER AND BLU-RAYTM & DVD FROM 19TH SEPTEMBER 2016 A “spiritual sequel” to director Richard Linklater’s cult classic Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some...

9 Things you should know if you went to University in the 80s’

In one monumental decade the 80s’ saw the rise of the perm and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Generation X, otherwise known as the Baby Boomers, existed in an era of dial-up internet, vinyl records and the first coming of Reeboks...

DVD And Blu-ray

Everybody Wants Some!!

Never trust someone who doesn’t love at least one Richard Linklater film. That’s a good policy to live by. Because Linklater, while being a director who dabbles in various genres and mediums, is a filmmaker who deals in the hon...

Empire Live Line Up Announced

Empire Live,  a weekend-long celebration of the best in movies and entertainment, takes place at The O2 in London from September 23-25, 2016. Empire is thrilled to announce three new exciting events taking place at Empire Live;...


Everybody Wants Some!!

Whether you like him or not, Richard Linklater is simultaneously a unique, prolific and accomplished filmmaker. He’s managed to stealthily glide between genres throughout his career and nearly always leave a worthwhile impressi...