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In 1977, two ground-breaking animated features went head-to-head in US movie theatres. One was Fantasia. The other was Wizards. And, despite the financial power of the Disney-financed feature, it was Wizards that looked to be t...

Best Slo-Mo Scenes

Slow motion is the go to guy when you want to underline a scene. Whether you’re trying to evoke emotion, draw attention to a specific act or, frankly, just look really cool, slo-mo is the director – and movie star’s – friend. N...


The Hateful Eight

Like the characters on offer in the film itself The Hateful Eight has not had an easy journey. When Quentin Tarantino was first writing it someone leaked an early draft of the script online. In typical QT fashion he blew a gask...

Don’t Blame The Superheroes

Last week Cinema Editor James Hay posed a question regarding the saturation of superhero movies in cinema. Let’s be honest, a look at next year’s big tent-pole movies tells its own story. We’re talking: Batman Vs Superman, Suic...


Film Birthdays This Year

We all love a good party, and this year marks the coming of age of some of the darlings of the film industry. So put on a paper hat, break out the cake and light those candles as Paula Hammond raises a glass of bubbly to ten fi...


Quentin Tarantino Holsters Planned Western Project

Almost a year ago Quentin Tarantino was winning his Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his Django Unchained Script.  That inspired him to continue in the Western genre with his latest script, which we now know is called The Hat...

Quentin Tarantino Returning For More Western

Quentin Tarantino, having won an Oscar earlier this year for his brilliant Django Unchained, seems to have caught the Western bug.  Appearing on The Jay Leno show to promote the Django Unchained graphic novel, Tarantino told th...

DVD And Blu-ray

Foxy Brown

After 39 years of roaming the standard definition-wilderness, Foxy Brown is finally given the chance to strut its stuff in sparkling HD. Certainly, it’s a culture clash of some irony – releasing a film famed for its...

Genre Defining

Let’s face it, for years films have been filed under labels known as genres.  It’s all to do with the content and style of a film that allows us to quickly sum up it in one fell swoop.  So here at Filmjuice we thought we’d try ...