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Weekly Films News Round-Up: Underworld, The Blob & Star Wars

Kicking off this Weekly Films News Round-Up it’s… Kate Beckinsale, getting ready to be sewn back into her figure-hugging catsuit as the actress returns for yet more Underworld.  It was presumed that the franchise wo...

The Blob Getting Another Remake

First released to classic B-movie fanfare in 1958 and then getting a remake in 1988 it looks like The Blob is getting another remake.  This time it comes courtesy of Con Air and Tomb Raider director Simon West.  The original fi...

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The last time Stolen director Simon West teamed with Nicolas Cage the two created one of the ‘90s best action films Con Air.  But does Stolen soar to “put the bunny back in the box” levels of brilliance or does it crash and bur...